Guidelines for Read Aloud, Test Reader 2016-2017
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Guidelines for Read Aloud, Test Reader 2016-2017

Jan 1, 0001

When a student is unable to use text-to-speech as an embedded designated support or embedded accommodation due to other learning needs, the student may be eligible to use the non-embedded read aloud designated support or non-embedded read aloud accommodation that requires a test reader for the Smarter Balanced Assessments, Hawai‘i State Science Assessments (HSA Science), and End-of-Course (EOC) Exams.

A test reader is an adult who provides an oral presentation of the assessment text to the eligible student. The test reader must be trained and qualified and must follow the Guidelines for Read Aloud, Test Reader. The Security/Confidentiality Agreement on page 18 in the Guidelines for Read Aloud, Test Reader document must be signed by the test reader and the school Test Coordinator and submitted to the Department’s Assessment Section before the student is tested. A student’s score for an assessment will be invalidated if the signed form is not received before testing begins.

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