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Assistive Technology Manual (formerly known as Braille Requirements and Testing Manual) 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3388/urlt/Assistive-Technology-Manual_2019-2020.pdf
Updated April 13, 2020
Sample Braille Ready Format (BRF) File /core/fileparse.php/3388/urlt/brfsample.brf
Sample Printer Output File (PRN) /core/fileparse.php/3388/urlt/prnsample1.prn

This manual provides information on administering the HSA Science (NGSS) Assessment to students who will be using assistive technologies to access their tests, including students who require the Braille accommodation.

Sample BRF and PRN files are available for configuring printing software.

The Refreshable Braille Display instructional video explains how students will experience a computer-based test using the Refreshable Braille Display during test administration.

Crosswalk of Accessibility Features Across State Assessments in Hawai‘i 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3388/urlt/Crosswalk-of-Accessibility-Features-Across-State-Assessments-in-Hawaii_2019-2020.pdf
Updated December 23, 2019

This document is intended to inform the selection and administration of universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations on statewide assessments. This document is supported by the respective Test Administration Manuals for each of the assessments.